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Will the Mod Madness every stop??!!......Ummm, Probably not. :-)
Below you will find some suspension and other miscellaneous mods. They're nothing spectacular....but deserve mention nonetheless.

Granatelli MotorSport's Tubular Subframe connectors
The best things about the GMS subs are their lightweight (approx. 9 lbs each). I have to admit, there was a little "tweaking" necessary to get them to fit properly. However, I had a skilled welder doing the install, so he was perfectly capable of making the small adjustments. Nothing to prevent me from recommending them. Regarding their effectiveness....OUTSTANDING! My car feels as solid as a brick wall. No more squeaks and rattles from hard launches. I highly recommend doing Subframes.

LG Motorsports G2 Lowering springs
So far I'm very happy with them. The car dropped 1.25" in the rear and 1" in the front. Granted, they were a bit detrimental to my 60'ft times at the track....but I don't regret them. I couldn't stand the 4x4 ride height from the factory. I'm installing HAL 12-way adjustables soon...hopefully they will help me regain what I lost from these springs.
BMR Strut Tower Brace
To help stablize the front end, I installed the BMR Stut Tower brace. By itself, I don't know that it is very effective. However, if used in conjunction with a solid set of Subframes, the STB proves extremely effective. I can definitely tell a difference during hard cornering. For the money (I bought it used for 50 bucks) it's a good suspension mod.

BMR Tubular Lower Control Arms (w/ Poly bushings)
This is another suspension mod in my quest to reduce my embarassing launches and laughable 60 ft times. If you've ever looked at your stock LCA's, I'm sure you noticed the "Heavy duty construction"...NOT! The BMR units will replace those pathetic, flexing, stock units and help get the power to the pavement. Say good-bye to "wheel hop". Install was a BREEZE! It is a simple remove and replace procedure involving 4 bolts total (2 on each arm). I could immediately feel the difference. The rear wheels just "plant" so much more firmly now. I would recommend them as part of an overall suspension package.
LS6 Intake
The LS6 intake flows much better than the stock LS1 intake. On basically stock "bolt on" cars the LS1 intake isn't really a bottleneck, however after adding Heads/Cam it quickly becomes one. The LS6 intake solves that problem. This intake has shown 20-24 hp at the rear wheels on Heads/Cam LS1's.
Billet Aluminum Racing Pedals (by SRP)
I intially decided on these in order to add "life" to the dark floorboard area and so that I could do away with the unsightly stock Rubber pedals. After only 4 months, the rubber was already showing signs of wear....most of the tread had already worn off the clutch pedal. However, after installing the SRP pedals, not only was I impressed with their cosmetic function, but with their performance function as well. These pedals REALLY grip. My stock rubber pedals had a nasty habit of slipping when the soles of my shoes were wet. I can't tell you how often my foot slipped off the clutch or brake. NOT ANYMORE! The billet pedals put a stop to that immediately. The pedals are one of my Favorite mods thus far....definitely recommended!
LS1 Edit
LS1 Edit allows complete and total reprogramming of the Factory PCM. LS1 edit provides a fullscale custom tune that is designed to fit each individual car. This is extremely important as the level of modification increases. To be fully effective, LS1 editing should take place on a Dyno using a Wide-band 02 sensor.
Billet Aluminum grill By STULL
Probably the best cosmetic modification on my car. I just couldn't tolerate the "el-cheapo" stock plastic grill. For the base model Z-28, perhaps it would be justified, however GM definitely should've used an improved piece for the SS.
NR Auto White Face Gauges
Initially I had no intention of doing any of "Cosmetic" mods, until I had completed all of my performance, "Hp mods". However, I love the white-faced gauges in my Cobra, and I really wanted to give the SS the same look. I have some "before and after" pics posted in my "Pics" section, as well as a small "How-to" write up detailing the ease of installation.

AutoTap Hardware w/ Laptop
This is another invaluable tool. Autotap is a diagnostic tool that can be used to monitor virtually ANY performance feature. Between the Helms manual and Autotap you can diagnose almost just about any problem that may arise. For more info visit: www.Autotap.com
Clear Corner Markers
I'm not big on the whole "rice" look...but I think the clear corner lenses add a nice touch to the front. I made sure to insert yellow bulbs behind the lenses so that they don't lose their function. So far I've gotten several compliments on them, so I'm happy with the outcome.
Harlan Shift-Lite
This shift-lite was DESIGNED and DEVELOPED by Harlan....a fellow member of LS1.com. Like the saying goes..."Big things come in small packages." Well it is certainly true in this case. This bad-boy is one awesome little shift-lite. It is designed to remain relatively hidden within the cockpit of our Cars. I have mine installed in the driverside A-pillar, and is virtually unseen unless I'm ripping off 6500 rpm speed shifts. That's when this baby really shines....literally.
HAL 12-way Adjustable Drag Shocks
These HAL's allow full adjustment ranging from stiff handling to extremely soft handling (perfect for hard launching at the track). They really allow the front wheels to come up off the ground. ;-)
Mickey Thompson ET Drags