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Here are a few pics of my current cars....

00' SVT Lightning

The most kick-ass Birthday cake....EVER!!! (thanks Sweetie!)

Front 3/4 angle

Houston....We have LIFT OFF!!!

Joint Forces

Nice Rear-end!!

For Sale: SLP Dual/Dual

02' Z06 w/ 19" HRE wheels

Post 5 Star SS install

SS by SLP engineering

Aim High!...(and use Zaino)

SLP D/D Muffler

Loudmouth Catback

Which one is faster??

My 00' SVT Lightning

Clear lid, BMR STB, red valve covers

Gee...take a guess

Cobra shot (notice profile of 315's on the rear)

Cockpit w/ Stock face gauges

Dual/Dual Tip

Lightning Tag