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Lunati TR-224 Cam
Advertised Cam Specs: 224/224 - .561/.561 with a 112 Lobe sep.
Cam Doctor specs: 224/224 - .563/.563
Just a "baby cam" for driveability reasons. :-)
NOS 5177 Kit
"The JUICE", "The spray", "The Squeeze", "The Bottle", "The Gas", whatever you call it....it's the ultimate in "Bang for the buck" horsepower. Nothing else comes close to matching its performance for such a small price. Just make sure that your fuel system is up to the task, otherwise this magic marvel will kill your motor faster than you can say, "Oh Shi......!!"

Ported Stock LS1 Heads (GTP)
These are stock LS1 heads that have been "touched up" just a smidge. ;-)
ASP UnderDrive Crank pulley
This is only the crank pulley. I decided to just go w/ the U/D crank pulley rather than both the crank and alternator pulley. The crank pulley represents the majority of the horsepower gain between the 2. I was immediately able to see a noticeable difference w/ the pulley. The car rev's MUCH faster/easier than before. Of course getting your rev's up faster, means entering the power band faster. Unfortunately I wasn't able to track test it before adding additional mods. But most see a .10 reduction in the 1/4 from this mod. Not bad for an hours worth of work. SEE MY "HOW TO" WRITE UP FOR ANY QUESTIONS THE INSTALL.

"FAST TOYS" Ram Air system
Although the Camaro SS includes a "functional" Ram Air hood...we all know that it's functionality is "lacking" to say to the least. I personally believe the hood is nothing more than cosmetic. If any air gets RAM'd because of it...it's accidental. However the FastToys setup is entirely different. This system allows you to SEAL the stock (or aftermarket) Airbox, only allowing force air to enter from the bottom (where it is cooler). Even at in the stratospheric, thin-air'd elevations of Utah, I was able to cut a solid .10 off my e.t. w/ this setup. Since I bought it "used" from a gentleman on LS1.com for 80.00...I am very happy w/ the dollar to HP ratio.
McLeod Single Disk clutch
Man what a huge difference over the mushy stock unit! This thing grabs hard, but still remains smooth as butter. Before Installation I was expecting some serious "chatter" from it....but that's not the case. It's just as smooth as the stocker but it grabs SO MUCH harder. There is also a slight increase in pedal pressure. This clutch has proven itself on the street and on the track....again and again and again. Launching off the revlimiter on slicks is not a problem for this badboy. Just make sure the rest of your drivetrain/tranny is up to speed...otherwise YOU WILL BREAK SOMETHING!

Whisper Induction Lid
One of the most cost effective mods that I've done yet. I was able to purchase the Whisper-lid from the classifieds section on LS1.com for 75.00 . 12 rwhp for...not bad. :-)

Home-ported Mass Air Sensor
Lightweight Hawker Battery that weighs in at 13.3 lbs. That's a substantial weight savings over the 33 lb stock battery. You'll notice the extreme similarity between the Dyna-batt and the Hawker battery...that's because the dyna-batt is an overpriced, rebadged Hawker.

B&M Ripper shifter
The newly designed one piece construction. Made for the F-bodies 6-speed tranny. One of my best mods yet. The stock Hurst shifter is a complete POS. The Ripper offers a huge improvement.