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Wecome to my Camaro "SS"ite

This is my website devoted to my 2 favorite hobbies...Fast Cars (primarily my 2000 Camaro SS, My 1999 Camaro Z28, and My 2000 SVT Lightning) and bashing the MOST BACKWARDS state in our glorious nation.....Bass-ackwards Utah.

On this site you will find information and photos of my fastest toy....a 2000 Camaro SS, as well as my up and coming project, the 1999 Z28. I will also include a few pics of my my 2000 SVT LIGHTNING (It's slowly getting faster) I apologize for the crappy photo quality of some of the older pics. Those were taken w/ a normal 35mm Camera and scanned. I have since entered into the 21 century and discovered the magic of digital photography! I will use this technological marvel to capture and document the many upcoming "mods" in store for the Z28 as well as the Lightning. I have 2 picture pages that are setup to offer a sampling of my Camaros, my Lightning and my former Cars. 1 page is primarily low resolution, smaller sized pics, that will tend to load quickly. The 2nd page is purely High resolution shots (Those w/ 56K connections BEWARE...it will take a while.) Check back often for updates.

You will also find a few derogatory comments about Utah and the people that reside there. I won't go out of my way to bash Utah, but that state is so backwards, that sometimes I simply can't avoid it. If you live there, but aren't from there, then you know exactly what I mean. If you live there and have never lived anywhere else....I'm sorry that you don't know any better. :( . Please use the Menu located on the left to navigate the site.

Anyways...Like my Grandma used to say...."C'mon in and sit a spell".

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